Everland Celebrates Its Forty-fifth Anniversary

Eunsol Cho

   Everland is selected as one of the must-go places when traveling to Korea. So many tourists visit Everland, and people living in Korea also visit there on anniversaries and holidays. 

   Everland opened in April 1976 and celebrated its forty-fifth anniversary this year. It had only nine rides when it first opened, but now there are more than 40. Everland recreated the classic garden using flowers such as tulips and plum blossoms to show customers the memories of past natural farms. The video of the tulip garden was played through a large LED screen with a length of 24m and a height of 11m, making it look like the actual flower bed penetrated the screen right in front of it and connected with the actual flower.

   Everland also made a retro photo zone that presents a meaning of time travel to the past. A time capsule-type event is also being held by installing a red mailbox. It is an event in which you write a letter in the red mailbox and put it in so that it will be released in 2026, the fiftieth anniversary of Everland’s opening.

   Tourists can also watch the “Waltz in Royal Palace” performance, which tells the royal story with dance and song. Also, this year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Netherlands, the country of tulips, so the event is being held with the Dutch Embassy.

   Contrary to everyone’s expectation that many visitors would not come due to Covid 19, many visitors are visiting Everland despite the serious situation. To add one more thing, the Republic of Korea has 400 positive cases per day, and the United States has 40,000 positive cases per day. We sincerely hope that visitors to Everland will follow the Covid 19 quarantine guidelines dutifully.

   News of Everland’s spring flowers blooming can be found on the Everland website and official SNS.