I-SEIF Supports the Sale of Products by Incheon Social Enterprises Through the Naver Happy Bean Store


This poster promotes the sales exhibition held at Naver Happy Bean. The poster mentions that Naver Pay points 2,000 won can be accumulated when purchasing a product. It also specifies that I-SEIF is a project to revitalize the Incheon social economy through social finance and growth support. Image courtesy of Naver Happy Bean website.

   The Incheon Social Economy Promotion Joint Fund (I-SEIF) held the “Incheon Social Economy Planning Exhibition” at Naver Happy Bean Sympathy Store for three weeks from Oct. 28 to Nov. 18 to support social economy companies in Incheon. I-SEIF is a fund jointly created by Incheon International Airport Corporation, the Seoul Metropolitan Landfill Management Corporation, the Incheon Port Corporation, and the Korea Environment Corporation. 

   The exhibition sells products from eight companies, including Ganghwa Myeonggua, The Cafe Cookie, Lady House, Maeil Fish, Dad Mom Skin, and Eco-us, Incheon Local Food Producers’ Cooperative and School. The products include handmade pancakes, which are Ganghwa specialty products, ramen made of Ganghwa rice, handmade cookies, assorted grilled fish, cosmetics, natural honey, pure cotton pillows, and cotton sanitary pads. These companies sell a variety of products focusing on eco-friendly and youth, including specialties in Incheon. The café cookie expects to attract the attention of children and parents by selling premium cookie and cookie making sets.

   I-SEIF is a 1.85 billion won joint fund created by four public institutions in Incheon to revitalize the local economy and has been carrying out various support projects such as financial investment and management improvement consulting for 64 social companies in Incheon since 2018.

   Customers can earn 2,000 won in Naver Pay points if they purchase more than one product through a I-SEIF’s planned event through the Naver Happy Bean online donation portal and enjoy various benefits such as accumulating additional points when writing a review. Customers can receive Naver Pay points when they confirm their purchase after delivery is completed.

   Ahn Byung-ok, chairman of the Environmental Corporation, said, “in an interview with Park Ki-young from the Daily Economy news site, we hope that the sales exhibition will help the growth of social and economic companies that have difficulty exploring online markets and solve financial difficulties.” 

   Naver Happy Bean is an online donation service where various public interest projects are carried out. The service began in July of 2005. Public interest organizations can promote special exhibitions and raise funds through Happy Bean, and fundraising activities through donation services.


Details of participation can be found on the ‘Naver Happy Bean’