Changes To The 2022 Korea CSAT

Image courtesy of Google

Image courtesy of Google

Sereum Bak

The 2021 Korea CSAT, which was bedeviled by Coronavirus, was completed safely. As we approach CSAT 2022, many people have expressed worries and anxiety because there are numerous changes in the forthcoming 2022 CSAT.

First, the ratio of comprehensive student record screening has decreased. The ratio of early admissions decreases and the regular admissions ratio increases. Students who aim to prepare for early admission may study harder.

Second, only one case of the award will be reflected in the high school document. In past, there were problems such as giving awards to one person who has a good grade on tests. However, by starting a new system this year, this problem can be solved.

Third, it became impossible to write about after-school activities.

Fourth, only one club can be recorded in high school documents. If a student did more than one club student should choose one club to write down.

Fifth, the field of career will not be reflected in Korea University. It can be a great benefit for children whose dreams have not yet been clearly decided. 

Sixth, the College of Pharmacology has changed to six years. Originally, in order to go to Pharmacy College, students should study science field and take a PEET test to go to Pharmacology. Starting this year, every student can go to the College of Medicine by taking CSAT same as a medical department. Currently, many students with top grades are expected to apply.

Seventh, there will be more optional subjects in CSAT. Students should considerate and careful about choosing subjects through the integration of liberal arts and natural science.

Eighth, the teacher’s recommendation system will be abolished. High school seniors ask their teachers to write a recommendation letter if they need a recommendation letter from the university, but this has been prohibited since this year.

Ninth, aptitude tests become abolished. The aptitude test, which has a different style from CSAT Test, cannot even apply from 2022.

Tenth, the proportion of essay writing has decreased. Students who prepare for college only for essay writing tend to practice other types of tests. 

Eleventh, CSAT English subject became significant. It was an absolute evaluation that English received the first grade if it exceeded 90 points, but now some universities evaluate English by scores. Students should be careful not to make mistakes on the English test.

Twelfth, the fairness on the letter of self-introduction will be strengthened.

Thirteenth, there will be recruitment by the university. Students should already think of what subject they should choose. Finally, the high school career subject achievement evaluation system has changed. Originally, the grades were divided into grades 1 to 9, but now they are simply graded with A, B, C. There are no E and F scores, so it seems to reduce the burden on many students.

Many new education policies are being implemented for 2022 in Korea. The Ministry of Education is trying policies that have never been done so far, so there is inadequate information yet and it seems that both students and teachers are having a hard time ahead.