South Korean Romance Reality Series “Single’s Inferno” Returns with Season Two


The season one participants of “Single’s inferno” will not return for season two. Netflix is expected to release images and promotional posters for the upcoming season closer to the season’s release date. Image courtesy of Netflix.

Ahn Soyeon, Staff Writer

   Netflix Korea announced that South Korean reality dating series “Single’s Inferno” season two will be released worldwide on Netflix in December 2022.

   Netflix Korea has released an official trailer for “Single’s Inferno” season two on their YouTube channel. “Single’s Inferno” gained tremendous popularity during season one, making it one of the top 10 Netflix TV shows in December 2021, which is unusual among Netflix entertainment series in Korea. Season two runs in the same format as season one, but one thing that has changed is that the number of episodes has increased from eight to ten due to the popularity and interest from viewers.  People all over the world are excited by the news that the second season of “Single’s Inferno” is just around the corner. 

   The basic concept of “Single’s Inferno” is that 12 singles (six men, six women) are trapped on a deserted island with only a few resources. To escape the island, the cast members must succeed in finding a partner, if they succeed, they are given a chance to go to a top-of-the-line hotel, where they can reveal their age and occupation, and spend a day together. 

   Kim Si-eun, a “Single’s Inferno” fan, said she watched the first season because she wanted to feel the excitement and thrill of love. She noted that a good thing about this program is that it delicately shows all the honest feelings and emotions of the cast members in various interactions without any active intervention by the production team. She also added that she empathizes with and immerses herself in the cast, who has similar situations and thoughts as herself, and follows the cast’s emotional changes.

   One of the reasons why “Single’s Inferno” became popular with so many people worldwide is because of the pandemic. COVID-19 lowered people’s chances of finding a lover and eliminated the environment where people can date, but people can indirectly experience a love life while watching the love stories of the cast. 

   Participants in “Single’s Inferno” are not celebrities, but are ordinary people. Their jobs are diverse, including business owners, fitness models, dancers, university students, and more. They are sometimes clumsy because they are not good at hosting shows like other celebrities or master of ceremonies (MCs), but they are able to provide viewers with familiarity and comfort. In addition, according to an article written by Kim Woo-jin for Yonhap News, the production team of “Single’s Inferno” was able to be cost-effective by casting ordinary people instead of top stars or celebrities who had to be supported by hundreds of thousands of dollars in appearance fees. 

   “Single’s Inferno” season one’s first episode aired on Netflix on Dec. 18, 2021, ending with its eighth episode on Jan. 8, 2022. It aired two episodes each week with a runtime of 57 to 71 minutes. People can watch all episodes of “Single’s Inferno” season one on Netflix.