Students of University of Utah Asia Campus Visit Busan International Film Festival


Director Koreeda Hirokazu and actors Song Kangho, Lee Jieun, and Lee Joohyung of the film “Broker” held a guest visit after the film screening ended. Photo by Yang Seungjoo.

Yang Seungjoo, Staff Writer

   Students from University of Utah Asia Campus Film and Media Arts Departments participated in the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) from Oct. 6 to 10. This is to support students every year on the University of Utah Asia Campus and to help film major students gain practical experience. 

   The upcoming BIFF was very helpful to students who are enthusiastic about movies and studying film. Students could not only watch movies but could also communicate directly with actors and directors to further develop their passion for film, thus making the BIFF a special opportunity.

   Students participated in five days out of the ten day event and watched movies from various genres. The film genres include icons, new current, wide angle, and world cinema. Such diverse genres of movies are not only expected to intrigue the audience, but also to make the event enjoyable for both audiences and actors from all over the world.

   The BIFF hosted Guest Visits with featured guests like film creators and actors where attendees can watch the movie and talk with actors and directors. Other special events such as Outdoor Stages, Open Talks and Special Talks were held. These events further enhanced the audience’s understanding of the films and enabled them to have free and in-depth conversations about the film.

   Kwon Hyuk-joon, a Film and Media Arts student at UAC who watched “Walk Up”, a South Korean drama film, said, “The director didn’t attend the event, but the actors told me how the movie was filmed. The most impressive thing the actors said was [when they answered a question about] how to act well. [They said that] director Hong Sang-soo gave them a scenario an hour before the movie was filmed, which would give actors a high level of concentration. It was impressive and fresh because it was a new movie shooting technique, and when I make my own movie, I want to try it.”

   In addition to movies, students could also gain various experiences in Busan. This included the opportunity to see the ocean, eat new food and get a break from their daily routine. The BIFF also helped the students relieve some stress from school life and allowed them to make special memories by traveling with their college friends.

   The BIFF was first held in 1996 and is now a festival enjoyed not only by Koreans but also by people from around the world. The UAC provides students with accommodations for four nights and five days to gain various experiences at the festival. Additionally, if a student is a Film and Media Arts major, they can get exclusive seats through the cinephile badge they receive.