Class Enrollment: Not Enough Space to Satisfy All Students


Most of the lectures are already full, Class registration page of University of Utah Asia Campus on December 3rd, 2019. (Captured by Jeongmin Lim)

Songdo Chronicle Staff

After the class registration date (November 19 – November 20) for Spring 2020 semester passed, many students of University of Utah Asia Campus (UAC) are having concerns. Especially, many freshmen (students who have less than 30 credits) were available to register one or two classes.

Because of the current registration system of UAC, freshmen can register their classes after senior (+90 credits), junior (same or more than 60, less than 90) and sophomore (same or more than 30, less than 59 credits). When they tried to register, most of the classes were already full of other students.

UAC Film and Media Art (FMA) major freshman Jooeun Park dissatisfiedly spoke about the system. “When other students enroll before us, we do not have choices. Even some open classes had prerequisite classes that freshmen would never meet. What class should we take to be a full-time student?”

“I do not pay more than 10,000 dollars to take classes that I don’t want, and I don’t need.” UAC psychology major freshmen Hajun Kim said. “More classes should be opened, or class seats should be extended.” He added.

However, some students had different view. UAC Communication major senior Hyungro Yoon interviewed with concerns. “Many freshmen may not agree with me, but they should know they still have more than 5 semesters for their fulfillment.”

“Students who need to fulfill their requirements first are juniors and seniors. If freshmen were enrolled and juniors and seniors couldn’t, they will have problem graduating. He added.

Moreover, UAC Film and Media Art junior Hyunmin Choi supported, “Freshmen students do not have to concern about fulfilling their major requirements yet.

“They should think differently. They will have their chance to enroll those classes when they become sophomore, junior or senior. I don’t mean this is right, but the system here means this.” He added.

Still, many students visit academic advising center (UAC building U202) for their permission code to enroll the class. However, most of the students do not get what they want and just told to wait in the waitlist.

UAC peer advisor Dongyoung Mok, who is also a junior in psychology major said, “We understand many students are having troubles in enrollment. Academic advisors are working on this, so please wait.”

Moreover, Academic advisor of UAC announced to students related to the issue via mail. In the mail the advisor announced “There will be more classes and some of the classes will accept more students. The best way for students who want to enroll more classes should register the name on waitlist.”

Students still have chances to enroll more classes. Furthermore, they can also take classes that have requirements although they did not take the prerequisite courses by permission.

Moreover, students are available to cross-register lectures of other university (George Mason University Korea, Ghent University Global Campus and State University of New York Korea). Announced during holidays, students can request cross-register by talking with academic advisors

Currently, more than 400 students are enrolled in University of Utah Asia Campus, and the university offers more than 80 lectures. Beside major courses, there are music, art, chemistry, math and many other classes.

Established in 2014, University of Utah Asia Campus is in Incheon Global Campus (IGC), Songdo. UAC currently offer Communication, Film and Media Art, Urban Ecology, Psychology and Civil Engineering as undergraduate programs. The campus also offers master’s degree of Public Health major.