Incheon City Officials to Reorganize City Bus Lines as of December 31 This Year


In downtown Incheon, an Incheon city bus moves around the corner. The official Incheon City YouTube channel, informed people of the reorganization of Incheon City Bus lines and promoted their decision through the video. (Image courtesy of Incheon City Official Youtube.)

Hongkyong Son, Staff Writer

On December 31, in order to diminish imbalances among Incheon regions and expand service to the blind spots of transportation, Incheon’s mayor will implement the reorganization of city bus lines. 

Using mobile & transportation card data, Incheon scientifically designed the reconstructed bus routes; Incheon expects people will enjoy the faster and more convenient buses.

According to an official Incheon city report, “89 of 197 city bus lines will be kept, on the other hand, 84 city bus routes may change,” In addition, “…24 bus routes are going to be removed. Also, 31 Incheon city bus lines will be newly made from December 31, 2020.”

From this result, Incheon anticipates, “ the 18 to 19 minutes average bus interval may be reduced to 16 to 17 minutes. With a decrease of 3 minutes, people in Incheon can take the bus faster and easier than before. Due to bus lines reform, travel time per passenger will reduce from 53.3 minutes to 50.2 minutes, so people can reduce total 3 minutes for taking bus.” 

The transportation to isolated area in Incheon will also get benefits. Public transportation to isolated regions such as the countryside and recently developing zones, Incheon city will remake two kinds of buses: 1) Incheon E-eum bus 2) I-MOD bus. Incheon made 18 bus lines and added 42 Incheon e-eum buses to public transportation in isolated areas.

Through making and adjusting bus lines, Incheon makes it possible to enhance traffic welfare for students and the weak. 

On the other hand, Incheon introduced a new demand-response type transportation system, the I-MOD bus.These mini-buses pick up people who call I-MOD bus through “I-MOD” application.

Since this October 26, I-MOD bus has been demonstrated in Young-jong, Incheon.

This will sequentially broaden the accessible Incheon region to Songdo and Namdong industrial complex in 2021 and Geomdan and Gyeyang in 2022. By making I-MOD, Incheon aims to correct flaws of blind spots in mass transportation. 

As a result, Incheon expects, “With establishment and reform of bus lines, passengers will easily transfer to another bus. It is because 3.21% of bus waiting time is reduced due to transportation reform.”

Furthermore, with the bus line modification, Incheon is going to support city bus driver’s work hours by a maximum of 52-hours. From this, Incheon city bus drivers will be guaranteed their work welfare and passengers can also prove their safety while riding a bus.

Without long waiting time for buses and transfer problems in Incheon, UAC students and faculties can take Incheon city buses from the end of this year, furthermore they can call I-MOD buses from 2021. 

Incheon is rising as a globalized and industrialized city. By presenting “Incheon 2030 future connection vision” in 2019, Incheon keeps and develops by itself until nowadays. 

In the official Incheon website, people can find more information and check newly prepared bus schedule, or directly call to Michuhol call center (Telephone: 120).