New Project at The UAC Encourages Students to “Throw Up Your U” to Promote Community


Dr. Greg Hill throws up his “U” in front of Block U outside of The UAC Building on Incheon Global Campus. (Photo Courtesy of @tuyu_uac on Instagram)

Minjae Kim, Staff Writer

It has not been long since Dr. Greg Hill, the new Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the University of Utah Asia Campus took office in the midst of the pandemic. The difficulties of communicating with the university community gave James Park, the assistant director of External Relations and development, the idea to kick off the “TUYU project” a collaboration with the UAC PR & Marketing Team and SAYON, an IGC Multi-Channel Network (MCN) Union Club. Park said that this project will help promote the UAC community and to help students learn about both Korean and American culture.

The hand gesture of extending the thumb and index fingers with both hands to make a big U sign is a symbol of the University of Utah. Park explained that he got inspired by this hand gesture, Throw Up Your U (TUYU), which strengthens the solidarity of the campus community. He wants to spread the unity and hospitality of the UAC campus to outsiders to display a friendly atmosphere. What he made is an Instagram account (@tuyu_uac) to inform students both on and off of campus about who Dr. Greg met and his personal life.

So far, Dr. Greg has met people full of aspirations such as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Megabox founder Mr. Ryo Hwan-joo, and introduced them to both Korean and American followers. He also shares his meetings with the supporters and advocates for the UAC as well as showing his gratitude towards them.

“He runs on feet for the UAC community. I admire how he is constantly trying to communicate with the students and learn Korean culture,” one anonymous student said.
This Chuseok, Dr. Hill and UAC students enjoyed Korean traditional food and games. He introduced foreign followers to “Korean Thanksgiving” and shared his experience on the Instagram account.

Yunah, a UAC PR marketing intern explained, “The TUYU project is different from the UAC official Instagram account. While the official account informs of news and upcoming events being held at UAC, TUYU uploads casual photos on Dr. Greg’s point of view.”
The team is doing its best to increase the number of followers for their future project, “TUYU Campaign”. Professor Park described that the aim of the campaign is to connect students under the hand sign ‘U’. UAC PR and Marketing will be releasing more details on how to participate in the upcoming weeks!

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