Celebrating ‘Pride’ During a Pandemic


Seoul citizens and travelers from across Korea gather to celebrate Seoul Pride week in 2017. [Photo Credit: Google Images]

Taesha Goode

SOUTH KOREA— A second wave of COVID-19 hitting South Korea has brought about a
new enemy in the coronavirus battle. This time, the target appears to be the LGBTQ+

On May 2 nd , an asymptomatic infected individual visited a variety of different clubs and bars
located on Itaewon’s ‘Homo Hill,’ a district of the city that serves as a sort of safe space for
those in the community and allies. Since then, infection rates of the virus have once again
skyrocketed, alongside a much harsher anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment.

Trying times such as these only make it more necessary for citizens of the world to gather and
spread love to those who need it the most. Although we should continue to practice social
distancing, self-isolation, and proper hygiene to avoid further spreading the virus, there are ways
to show support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Regardless of your social media presence/following, use the platforms that you are on to show
you are supportive! The University of Utah Asia Campus has recently released their own ‘pride
week’ logo and contest to go along with it. By changing your Kakao Talk profile picture to the
icon, you can help promoted the university’s efforts, and simultaneously show you care!

Be an ally in day to day life! If you are supportive, don’t allow those around you to belittle the
community. It’s not necessary to get argumentative, but if you do find people being insulting,
walk away! If we continue to show that hateful treatment of these marginalized communities will
not be tolerated, on a daily basis, we can slowly create change.

Participate in UAC Pride Week. This week, from May 18 th to 22 nd , the University of Utah Asia
Campus Leadership Consultants will be holding daily events to support and act as allies to the
LGBQT+ community. Tune into the events and let your voice be heard!

For information on UAC Pride Week, check the Monday Morning Memo and UAC Kakao group