Concerns about the Spread of Coronavirus Infection in South Korea Ahead of Long Holidays


Photo credit: Google images

Sophia Jeon

South Korea – Authorities are giving high warnings about the risk of new infections with coronavirus as people are expected to go out on the upcoming ‘Golden Holiday’ for about a week from April 30 to May 5 over the weekend.
Since this long holiday includes big events such as Buddha’s Day, Labor Day, and Children’s Day, many people are expected to come out with their families to enjoy the events.
According to Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC), South Korea has maintained a relatively stable status of less than 20 new coronavirus infections for 11 days in succession since April 18.
However, as the number of infected and deceased continues to increase as well as the concerns about potential group infections, health officials are urging people to keep social distance on this long-term holiday.
Jung Eun-kyeong, the Director of KCDC, said, “The virus epidemic is currently ongoing. We must continue to practice social distance strongly. Even during the upcoming ‘Golden Holiday’, it is necessary to strictly observe the prevention measures.”
The reason why people should not let go of the borders on prevention is due to the ‘secret and explosive’ feature of COVID-19.
Kwon Joon-wook, the Deputy Director of KCDC, said on the 28, “COVID-19 is likely to explode at any time. The rate of confirmation in asymptomatic state is more than 30%, and it appears to spread to about 40% of others at the beginning of infection, so one infected person can produce a large group of infections.”
KCDC has encouraged people to avoid meeting other people, to drop more than 2m, and not to talk when eating together as “possible”.
While the concerns about viral infections continue, this long-term vacation is expected to lead to a revival of tourist business in South Korea, which has been empty due to social distance.