In memory of Emiliano Sala


Jun-young Yoon

There are many events inside a soccer field and outside of the stadium. One shocking event that happened in the year of 2019 was Emiliano Sala’s death. Sala was an Argentine professional soccer player who played in French league team called Nantes and was about to transfer to England league team Cardiff City.

He got caught by a windstorm when he was riding a plane and went missing for two weeks. When the incident happened, most of soccer fans were in big shock, and I was one of them. It was hard to believe that a player of mine in a soccer game died. What more shocked me was that, some people, especially some journalist mentioned Sala’s death in unrelated article just to try to get more views in their article.

I was mad after seeing this and thought how things are going wrong in some people’s mind, I couldn’t believe that a person’s greed could go this far. In a situation like this, I felt this went too far, so I wrote an email to this journalist, criticize him about how he has lack of humanity and how inhuman he is, asking him to take down his article.

I even wrote an email to the newspaper center to shut down his article. After sending emails, I began to realize even in a situation like this some people will take advantage and that not all people are kind. It will be hard for me to forget this tragic accident, every time when I play Football Manger game and see this player, it makes me think of the dark side of human being and a sad feeling that I will not see him in the next series of the game.

Before reading those fake news, it kind of impressed me how people care about this player and how much they like about soccer, however it was ruined of some people’s greed.