Liverpool FC- Now or Never!


By Joshua Na

Liverpool Football Club (LFC) has been having the great season so far and is currently ranked second in the league, merely one point behind Manchester City with nine games remaining, and has advanced to the round of 16 in the Champions League, despite being grouped up with harsh opponents: Paris Saint Germain, the former champion of Ligue 1, Napoli, the second team last year in Seria A, and FK Crvena zvezda, the former champion in Serbian league. They were knocked out in the first stage of Carabao cup against Chelsea, and losing to the Wolves at the third round of FA cup. The only remaining trophies left for the Reds are Premier League and Champions League. Until the middle of the season, Liverpool were hopeful to lift up their first EPL cup, by racing themselves in the league unbeaten. However, starting from the 2nd leg against Manchester City in Etihad, Liverpool started to shake dramatically. They failed to secure their safe seven points lead by having frequent draws against teams that should be caught: West Ham United, Lecister City. These two matches were only the precursor to the greater nightmare that Liverpool would face afterwards. Since then, Liverpool drawed against Manchester United in Old Trafford – the team that had lost half of their squad in best 11, and lately costed two points against Everton in the Merseyside Derby due to lack of goal finishing ability. Since Jurgen Klopp became a manager of the Reds, Liverpool have been able to improve on multiple aspects, certainly including the quality of a squad, and the performance that the players display. His contributions to Liverpool are undoubtedly worthy of praise, but now he needs to make the real result out of his hard effort. Although Klopp’s Liverpool have advanced to the final in both Europa League and Champions League, and have secured the Champions League ticket for a few years, trophies are only things that will be remembered by soccer fans in the future. Process is a crucial element of soccer, but it is