Show Your Team Spirit! 2018 UAC Field Day


Taken by Sophia

The students from University of Utah Asia Campus (UAC) gathered at the gym in the multicomplex building to play soccer, capture the flag, dodgeball, and tug of war, with Communication major and Urban ecology major students competing against the Psychology major and Film major students on May 2nd, 2018.

Last Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018, about 40 students from the University of Utah Asia Campus gathered at the gym by 5:30pm for the opening ceremonies of the annual UAC Field Day. The students were divided into two teams by their major: Communication and Urban Ecology as a team and Psychology and Film as another team. After the major representatives accounted for fundamental rules for the day, the competition began by playing soccer. Volunteered students including both male and female students and both students in soccer shoes and jeans got together and played football with the half of the court. The game became more passionate as more male students and Dr. Victor Jatula, a professor at UAC, joined in the 2nd half game. Dr. Jatula played an active part as a goalkeeper and the game ended with the same score. The game was decided in the shootout, and everyone was able to end the soccer match joyfully.

Taken by Sophia

There was more tension after Capture the Flag began. The students used the full court and kept running away and catching each other. Heather Meyer and Nick Chun played an essential role during the game. Heather Meyer (20) did not spare herself physically at all in the game that she was the one who eventually caught the opposite team’s flag. Nick Chun (21) made the opponents feel confused by taking the attraction by continuously running around. Even though some students had a hard time to understand the rules of how Capture the Flag works in the beginning, but at the end, every player was satisfied by how delightful the game was.

The next step was a short dodgeball game. Relatively more female students joined the game. Two teams composed of each roughly 20 students played dodgeball with two balls fairly. Jack Park (19) played an essential role during the dodgeball game. He got out to the borderline of the opposite team almost right after the game started, but his remarkable activities seemed like he intentionally got hit by the ball to commence offensive tactics. The dodgeball game was comparatively short, but every player could enjoy the moments with a big smile.

2018 UAC Field Day started the see the end as UGoGirl, the female dance team of UAC had a performance. They had the same routine as IGC Sports Tournament, but except for one song in the beginning. Because it was their first time to perform in front of only University of Utah Asia Campus people, so they seemed like they were nervous, but they successfully finished the performance.

Taken by Sophia

After the tug of war, the UAC Field Day ended with a closing ceremony. People said that it was an excellent choice to hand out Subway sandwiches to the audience and the players. “Subway Sandwiches were great! We need food to play sports,” said Minjoo Lee (19), a student from Communication major. There were also some suggestions that the student council could have chosen the better date by having a survey among the students. The number of people who came to the UAC Field Day was relatively small than that of 2017 UAC Field Day. The event was exciting, the committee could not avoid some voice of concerns. UAC’s media club UBAQ was able to shoot every moment during the Field Day. Misung Choi (20) and Minjoo Lee (20) were running around to have best shots of the event. According to UBAQ, they are going to release the final mash-up video in two weeks.

Written by So-Hyun (Sophia) Jeon