Fine Dust on IGC: Mask or no Mask?


Lucy Nam

Fine dust in Songdo

Heard that the air quality of this year is going to be the worst. I usually do not wear masks because it erases my makeup and I am just not used to bringing masks. However, these days, I can literally see that the quality of the air is very terrible. Every morning when I wake up, I open the window to have fresh air and see the weather. This helps me to think what am I going to wear on that day.

However, as I cannot open the window, plus cannot see anything as the sky is too foggy, I am starting my day in a bad mood. Well, I have never worried about our country but this year, I am. Like we cannot just wear mask every day, every time. It’s spring when we all have to enjoy the nice and warm weather, go to picnic and go for a walk. All those good days are gone now. Especially, in Incheon, where I am currently at, has the worst air in Korea.

And I am just worried about the little babies that they do not even have small masks but still can’t wear the mask because it’s going to cover up their whole faces. Thinking how am I going to live my life and spend my life with this air. Like what is the point of wearing masks outside when all the buildings’ windows are opened? Well, there is no good solution yet obviously BUT I believe that the government or scientists need to work on this problem asap and make a new products or find ways to have better air quality.

As I am on a diet, I go to gym but if there are too many people at the gym, I usually run around or walk around the campus. Nowadays, I cannot even stay outside without masks and if I run without mask, I am going to die really soon, having lots of diseases. BUT if I wear mask when I walk or run outside, I might die due to lack of air comes into my nose and mouth.

I usually am lazy to go outside and workout but I have never been this eager to workout outside these days. On the other hand, I think of just not exercising because like what is the point of exercising when the weather is terrible and making all the tumors or diseases. So, yesterday, I thought of some of the solutions to make our life better that the government should probably do.

Obviously, I thought of the government giving us free masks, provide anywhere on the street. Even today when I went out to eat lunch, I thought of them giving us masks as my friend forgot to bring her mask when she comes out. The next one would be reduce the price of the air filtering machine or make a rent system of it to each family. While I am thinking this, I also know that those ideas that I think of are obviously hard to be the real solutions. It is just a quick thought that I always think whenever I wear the mask or think of wearing it or bringing it.