Movie Preview: The Witness


By Minjoo Lee

The Witness

In February 13th 2019 a movie called ‘the witness’ came out. It is a story about an autistic middle school girl being a witness of a crime scene. The main character is a lawyer and he wants to use the autistic girl to the trial to prove that his client has no sin.

Since this movie ranged over autism, which can be considered as a sensitive topic, many people had interested in even before the movie come out. The movie’s theme is drama, however is contains lots of humor which make a movie not too serious and deep.

Also the girl described very lovely and bright and people made have warm smile on their face whenever she comes out. I think there were many key points that the producer tried to tell the audiences. However, the main idea of this movie is to tell people that they should not see and treat an autistic child with strong prejudice.

For example, they’re not able to communicate with normal people or they have no ability to explain certain situation logically. In the movie, the girl witness murder and she testified at the court. However, the lawyer trying to prove that her testimony can’t be effective just because she has autism.

Later on, the lawyer found out that her testimony was factual accurate than any other people because she has autism. She has special ability on hearing and word counting. She memorized what the perpetrator said when she commit crime and said exactly the same at the court. Prejudice come from ignorant. If you don’t want to be an ignorant human being, don’t judge people based on their look and trying to find their strength.