First UAC Forum: Low Birth Rates in Korea


Overview of the forum

Utah Asia Campus (UAC) independent student newspaper- Songdo Chronicle in partnership with the university’s Academic Affairs team hosted the first-ever UAC forum on Wednesday, 28th November.
The special event commenced at noon and was held in u107, UAC building on Incheon Global Campus in Songdo. UAC’s Chief Administrative Office/Dean of Academic Affairs- Dr Todd Kent co-ordinated the forum.
The focus on the forum was low birth rates in Korea. Specifically, it explore how Korea should act proactively. Over 50 attendees were at the event. These included: faculties, students and staffs.
Panelists consisted of two groups: (1) faculties: Clint Work- professor of politics and international affairs, Kera Lovell- professor from American history and Sejin Kim- professor from strategic communication; (2) Leehye Kang from Psychology, Aliana Choi from Film and Media Arts and Kenna Hensen, dual major in Communication and Psychology.
Each panelist gave brief presentations before the discussion was open to the audience for questions and answers. Participants- students, staff and faculties actively participated by sharing their thoughts and opinions.
The next forum will be held next semester by Songdo Chronicle and affiliate groups. Light refreshment- burritos was served.
Below are pictures from the forum.
Photo by. Subin Hong