Battle for the Best Pizza: Which Country Wins?


Written by Heather Meyer

Who makes the best pizza in the world? Some say that Italy makes the best pizza; others say that America does. This piece explores the question and brings South Korea into the mix.

South Korea is unique in many ways. One particularly unique thing about Korea is the variety of pizza flavors offered by its restaurants: sweet potato, Korean barbeque, sweet corn, you name it.

The consensus among foreigners regarding pizza in Korea seems to be that it is delicious and different in a way. This may be because pizza in Korea is sweeter than pizza in other countries. Also, pizza in Korea tends to be less greasy.

Gynnie Kang, who lived in the Philippines for most of her life, said that she prefers Korean pizza over her country’s pizza. She explained that in the Philippines, the flavor of pizza is not as sharp as in Korea.

She said, “In the Philippines, there are not as many unique flavors as in Korea. I like that I have many different options from spicy to sweet when I order pizza in Korea.”

Yunting Lee, a Chinese-American, shared the same opinion. What she likes the most about pizza in Korea is that it is sweet.

Comparing Korean pizza to Chinese pizza, she said, “There are similar flavors to Korea in China, but they do not taste as delicious as companies in Korea do.”

When asked if she prefers American pizza over Korean pizza, her response was surprising. Although many people prefer the saltier pizza of America over the sweeter pizza of Korea, she preferred Korean pizza over American pizza.

She said, “The pizza in America is way too greasy and unhealthy. Because of this, I would rather eat Korean pizza. It is the same with Italian pizza as well. They put to many oils in their pizzas.”

Does this mean that Korea has the best pizza in the world? Not America or Italy? Sung-Jin Woo, who lived his whole life in Korea, did not seem to think so. Among his top favorite pizza restaurants, his top two were American pizza restaurants.

He traveled to New York once and had pizza in New York City. Ever since, he has been addicted to American pizza.

Sung-Jin said, “The flavor that American pizza has is amazing! The flavors are more rich, and the extra grease adds to the flavor. The cheese is thicker, the bread has more flavor, and the pizza leaves me more satisfied than the pizza I eat in Korea!”

Who has the best pizza in the world? Well, it’s up to you to explore and find out!