My “Black Panther” Reflection


The Black Panther” an all-black blockbuster Hollywood movie means many things to many people. In this review, I compare the experience of African nations with the fictional narrative in Wakanda- an imaginary African country portrayed in the movie.

In the 200 million dollar movie The Black Panther, Wakanda is a highly developed, richly resourced and well-protected black nation on the continent of Africa.

Wakanda was neither colonized nor impoverished. A leadership struggle between two leading figures threatened her stability and prosperity but in the end, peace was restored


Similar to Wakanda, many African nations are resource rich with an abundance of mineral, agricultural and human resources. However, these countries are underdeveloped, unprotected from Western influence and technologically backward.

A key comparison is the question of leadership both in Wakanda and in most African nations. Conflict often ensues over who leads generally but in Africa and Wakanda, it is never peaceful.

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Written by Anonymous