UAC Student Council: Recent Activities and Future Plans


The newly elected student council took office this semester, and it has been working diligently to meet the needs of the students of the University of Utah Asia Campus (UAC) and to make the school a better place for everyone. It has been actively working on reaching out to students, improving the overall constitutions, and arranging events that could develop the good relationship with the other universities on the Incheon Global Campus (IGC).

Jeong-Hyun Kim, the president of the student body, has been busy chairing the bi-weekly open meetings and leading the discussions at student council meetings. He was proud of his accomplishments so far. He was able to achieve two of his three campaign promises.

His first promise was to create a student lounge on the fifth floor. He fulfilled this promise by placing two round tables and chairs for the convenience of the students.

Secondly, Kim has made it possible for students to have their own lockers on the second floor. As the student body increases, the student council is considering increasing the number of lockers available in the near future.

The president is striving to keep his last promise of implementing a textbook buy-back program and upgrading the UAC’s printing system. In addition, he has been keen on amending some of the UAC policies that hinder club finance procedures. He said that the UAC has been borrowing its constitution from the main campus, but there are some problems with it. Kim wants to create an entirely new constitution for the UAC that preserves some of the values at the main campus.

Young-Joo Cho, the vice president of the student council, has recently focused on helping club leaders and student organizations. She has been actively listening to the concerns and questions of club leaders and student organizations. She is working with Kim to come up with some possible solutions to their problems. Also, she said that the student council is working ambitiously on the two big upcoming events: the Incheon Neungheodae Festival and IGC Music Festival. The Neungheodae Festival will be held from October 6th to 7th, and the IGC Music Festival will be held on October 31st.

Ye-Hyun Kim, the chief of staff, has been busy helping out the president and the vice president behind the scene. He has been taking charge of the open meetings, and he is in charge of the important documents containing the school constitution.

Nicole Shelton, the public relations director, has been reaching out to the students and informing them of upcoming events. She has been communicating with the students in a group chat, making posters, and designing the student council’s logo. Her current goal is to make the IGC Music Festival a successful event.

The student council is calling for more participation from the students, asking students to freely raise their voices and express their concerns. The student body is certainly off to a great start, and it has been able to gain the trust of the students. There is much more the student council has in store, and it will continue to do its best to not disappoint the students of the UAC.

Written by Joshua Na | Edited by Sky Waite