UAC Day of Service: Spreading the Love

UAC Day of Service: Spreading the Love

By Heesun Lee

On October 19, students from the University of Utah Asia Campus (UAC) will participate in the ‘Day of Service’, held at the Incheon Foster Care Center.

It has been three years since the ‘Day of Service’ became one of UAC’s signature annual events. The purpose of the ‘Day of Service’ is to provide students with an opportunity to engage and build new connections while being helpful to the community. Students will be able to give back to others and take a step away from their busy school lives and assignments.

UAC’s Day of Service first began in 2017. Students participated in projects designed to mobilize individuals and service groups. They went to foster and elder care centers located in Wangsimni, Gyeongi-do. By cleaning up the centers and painting murals on the walls, the students helped create a better and brighter mood within the centers.

In 2018, the students went to the Incheon Foster Care Center and provided counseling and psychological services for children by spending time with them through a variety of activities. Although the center is only a temporary home, both the participants and student volunteers were able to share warmth and sincerity which paved the way to heal their hearts and minds.

The volunteers this year are expecting to return to the Incheon Foster Care later this week.

Suhyeon Seong, a junior at UAC majoring in communication, expressed gratitude to the school for the opportunity to volunteer. “I was so exhausted at that time due to my busy school life and assignments. However, the Day of Service really warmed my heart and provided me with energy. I was very happy that I could be a helpful person to others in need through a small kind action.”

She emphasized that such seemingly charitable actions actually have a great impact on individuals and society as well. “You might think that the ‘Day of Service’ is really a temporary and small action. However, it really helped the care-givers and children. So please don’t hesitate to participate!”

She also expressed her excitement over the upcoming 2019 Day of Service.

This year, volunteers plan to host a variety of activities, such as: bookmark crafting, clay building, ring snack passing, cup tower stacking, and charades. These activities were prepared in order to help children feel comfortable while allowing them to settle into an emotionally stable condition. The activities also aim to help children adjust into society and maintain healthy lifestyles.

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