5 Interesting Reasons to Live in Songdo, Korea


Songdo is located in Incheon, South Korea. Songdo is a modern city with a large Central Park. (Credit: SongdoChronicle)

Hongkyong Son, Senior Reporter

Songdo is home to a growing number of foreigners from different parts of the world. The city, intentionally designed as an international city and multicultural hub, supports foreigners in more ways than one. Here are five interesting reasons why Songdo is the best:

One, Songdo’s ecology is both diverse and attractive. Various birds are spotted in Songdo because the city has extended huge green areas. Songdo also has ecological parks that brings you closer to nature’s flora and fauna. So, you can walk around the beautiful city and breathe fresh air. Additionally, there are lot of frogs in Songdo. You can hear frogs sounds at night!

Two, Songdo is user-friendly to foreigners. Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) oversees the development of Songdo and ensures good quality of life for foreigners. IFEZ is preparing for the transition from the Korean export industrial complex, which was the main income of Incheon citizens, to the financial, service, information, and high-tech industries.

IFEZ consist of Songdo, Youngjong, Cheongna in Incheon. Songdo is designated as a business IT/BT  hub. Via global friendly ways, IFEZ authority has been promoting multiple projects to expand living infrastructure such as housing, transportation, and promote Korean languages. As a result, Songdo is fast becoming the best place for foreigners who want to successfully and safety settle down in Korea.

Three, Songdo boasts of one of the best residential area in South Korea. At 6 PM, during the weekdays, Seoul city suffers from extreme traffic jam. However, Seoul city, ocassionally called the new Seoul is one of the best places to feel and enjoy good, long-term residence. There are few floating populations in Songdo, so you don’t have to worry about hustle and bustle.

Four, Songdo has convenient transportation system. Incheon International Airport is less than half-an-hour away. Besides, Songdo is well-connected to Incheon subway line that feeds into the national rail network system perfectly So, you can visit any other part of Incheon and South Korea through Incheon subway line 1 and 2. Additionally, you can easily visit to Seoul by taking 9201 bus. You don’t have to transfer buses or subways to get to Seoul.

Five, there are numerous shopping mall and restaurants in Songdo. For example, Tripple Street is an exclusive huge multi-complex shopping mall. Next to Tripple Street is Hyundai Outlet- a major designer shopping mall with shops selling luxurious products at reasonable prices.

From these five reasons, a visit to Songdo will convince you!