International Student Information Session Provides Updates at UAC


Manolo M., Contributor

On October 8, 2020, at noon, international student coordinator Anna Yacovone hosted an information session for all international students studying at University of Utah Asia Campus.

The session covered three essential topics: ARCs and immigration, winter travel requirements, and international student storage room.

According to the student handbook, students must contact Jung Seo for an appropriate ARC renewal appointment, a leave of absence, or an address change.

When a student meets all course requirements, University of Utah Asia Campus must contact the Korea Immigration Office and report the students’ program completion date. The student must depart Korea within 30 days before the expiration date.

According to Anna, students need to be sure that they complete a survey about doing quarantine on campus and the available times to go the immigration for a re-entry permit.

Completing the survey is for students who plan to travel outside of Korea during winter.

As for the international student storage room, Anna said that the last day to pick up and drop off items is Friday, December 4. She also informed students to plan and provide three dates and times during weekdays from 8 AM to 6 PM.

A psychology major student from University of Utah Asia Campus said, “All the information answered most of my concerns and assumptions, and now I have to start planning for the international student storage room.

“I’m planning on leaving Korea during winter, so I need to fill out the survey when I get back to my room and plan ahead, too.” said a student majoring in Film & Media Arts.

A student majoring in Communications said, “Thinking of three dates for the international storage room is challenging, especially during the pandemic. I need to talk to my parents about it before committing.”.

“The international student storage room is a privilege and courtesy by the university, so students have the option to leave their stuff in there or take everything home with them,” said Anna.

Additionally, Anna hopes that students plan things quickly to ensure their requests and satisfy their needs for themselves and their families.

More detailed information is all in the updated student welcome handbook – health insurance, physical and mental healthcare, banking, on-campus housing, communication, grocery shopping, transportation, and essential contacts.

Incheon Global Campus was established in 2014 by the Government of South Korea with the Incheon Metropolitan Council. Its main goal is to innovate Korea’s education system and nurture the next generation of global leaders.

Universities on the campus are “extended campuses” of the home campuses. Students can take the same curriculum and earn the same degree as students at the home campus.

The first university to open on campus was SUNY Korea, followed by FIT, George Mason University, Ghent University Global Campus, and University of Utah Asia Campus.