Breaking News- Dr. Greg Hill offers UAC students $150 fee waiver


Songdo Chronicle

Utah Asia Campus (UAC) Chief Administrative Officer, Dr. Greg Hill is offering each students on this campus $150 (177,000 KRW) fee waiver.

Speaking at today’s (Wed. 16th) first-ever Town Hall meeting this semester (Fall 2020), Dr. Hill stated that UAC is NOT a satellite campus of the University of Utah. As an extended campus, UAC can only mirror and consequently offer what is obtainable at the Salt Lake Campus, USA.

During the Student Council organised meeting, Dr. Hill added that for Fall 2020-21 semester, each student on SLC campus will receive $150 fee credit meant for extra-curricular activities and facilities like gyms, library and other student-centered instruments on campus.

Accordingly said Dr. Hill, “In the coming days, especially before this Friday September 18th (Tuition deadline), I will meet with my Finance Team and together, we will work out other details. Thereafter, the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs will reach out to the student body.”

“I want to commend the leadership of the Student Council for an excellent job in providing ample evidence on the need for UAC to reduce tuition fees. I used some of their key findings during my conversation with the Office of Global Engagement at the Salt Lake Campus” said Dr. Hill.

It remains to be seen if UAC students will accept the 150 USD offer by Administration.

During the Q & A session that followed, Dr. Kevin D’Arco, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs responded to a range of questions that bordered on IGC’s housing policy, special or course fees and students access to empty classrooms.

Of particular interest is a question on UAC’s decision to return to Code Yellow .

According to a student: “Our school color code system stated that once we move up a level, we could not move down until the next semester. why are we then looking to move from orange back to yellow this October?”

Unimpressed by Dr. D’Arco response, the student said: “In continuation of the code system, we appreciate the idea of preserving in class experience. however for many students, this cause a “flip-flop” which not only affects the class experience. but also financial, in terms of getting a refund for dorms. Many students could not make a decision to receive the 100% refund because of the uncertainty of moving back to in person. there are also many more costs of having to live on campus to take online courses such as food etc. when they could be living at home.”

Last semester (Spring 2020), many students at UAC demanded for tuition refund or reduction after all classes were moved online in February 2020. They argued that online classes are not the same as in-person, face-to-face classroom engagement. However, not much was achieved as the University and its Faculty grappled with the new norm of online content delivery.