President Trump calls race-related Federal training programs ‘divisive’, ‘un-American.’

President Trump calls race-related Federal training programs ‘divisive, un-American.’

Taesha Goode, Specialty Reporter

U.S. Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Russell Vought, has released an official memorandum on behalf of President Trump condemning the inclusion of critical racial issues in Federal training programs.

The memorandum, released on September 4th, was distributed to all heads of executive departments and agencies. It asserted that the use of taxpayer dollars to fund racially charged training was not only anti-American but painting certain races as evil over others.

According to the document, “In order to uphold fair and equal treatment for all individuals in the United States,” the President and his administration have found that such training has no place in the Federal government.

All Federal agencies will be immediately expected to cease and desist from using taxpayer money to fund any training that discuss critical race theory, white privilege, or suggest that the United States is an inherently racist country.

Observers have commented that since the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police in late May, racial tensions in the United States have boiled over. George Floyd, an African American man, was one of many black men and women in the United States to die via police brutality. His death spurred an onset of protests and riots across the country, only heightening the racial problems that the US has faced for years.

Some say the Trump Administration’s actions in response to these protests was not only un-presidential but also unexpected of a sitting president. Trump’s insistence of using military force to stop riots, his continued denial of any wrongdoing by police in the deaths of hundreds of black Americans, and his loud cries against the idea of white privilege has created a visible barrier between different racial groups in the country.

This latest administrative decision, deeming critical racial training as un-American propaganda, will likely add to the continuous struggle between races in the US. Continuing to ignore the United States’ racial history, will only fuel the discomfort that many Americans feel when discussing issues of race.

As citizens of all backgrounds across the country continue to protest the deaths of African Americans, the Trump administration seems intent to remain oblivious to the needs of Americans. In such trying times, it may be more beneficial to all to show understanding of the pain of those suffering. This memorandum will, most likely, arm people with extra ammunition regarding the US’ ignorance when it comes to racial tension.