All Gyeonggi Citizens Receive COVID-19 Support Fund

Yeadam Kim

Starting from this month, Gyeonggi Province has decided to aid the Gyeonggi residents by providing a COVID-19 Support Fund. As a means to financially support the residents and households, each citizen will receive 100,000 KRW in the form of a voucher.

The payment will be received through Gyeonggi Regional Currency Card or credit cards. For people who do not have any of those can get prepaid cards from the nearest Community Service Center or Nonghyup Branch.

A Gyeonggi governor, Jae Myung Lee, has announced that the Gyeonggi support fund is not a welfare policy, rather it is an economic policy, priming water that revives local economy by financially supporting traditional markets and local businesses and by opening small businesses’ and small-scale businessmen’s windpipe through providing a time-limited local currency.

A resident in Bucheon who is expected to benefit from this policy claims that, “Since the private educational system, like us, are partially permitted to run, there were lots of inquiries from the parents regarding the payment through the COVID Support Fund, especially the one we can receive through Bucheon Pay, a local currency of Bucheon.”

She added that, “Bucheon has announced that there will be additional 50,000 won provided to Bucheon citizen. It is such a relief that thanks to the support fund and Bucheon Pay, both parents and our institution can lessen our burden that comes from financial pressure we are going through due to the situation.”

On April 20, Gyeonggi Province announced that a support fund will be also given to foreign residents, such as 48 thousands of marriage immigrants and 61 thousand permanent residents. This decision was reviewed after the support fund announcement on March 24, which originally excluded them as the subjects to the policy. They will be able to register for the fund starting from the middle of May and receive it from late in May.

There are various ways residents can receive the fund, and several steps should be taken. When receiving through a local currency card and credit card, you can register your card number in, and 100,000 won will be received within 2 or 3~5 days after your registration. If you want to use the prepaid card, you can register through the nearest Community Service Center or Nonghyup Branch. This support funding will lapse after October 8, thus within 3 months, people should actively use this chance and benefit from it as much as they can.