UAC’s Career & Internship Development Center (CIDC) deserted due to staffing issues


Empty offices at the Career and Internship Development Center at UAC. Located on the 7th floor, the center opened in April 2019 to link students with internship opportunities across Korea. (Photo: Hyun Woo Jo)

Songdo Chronicle Staff

Established in April 2019 to support Utah Asia Campus (UAC) students in writing resumes and cover letters; highlighting internship opportunities, job market information, and mock interviews; reports from UAC Career & Internship Development Center (CIDC) indicate that students no longer visit the center.

Adrian Chavez- career ambassador at CIDC, stated that when he checked the appointment history for the CIDC, the number of students currently making appointments in November have dramatically decreased compared to September and October 2019.

Another career ambassador, Jung Woo Lee, further claimed that starting from November, during her office hours she hardly encounters students visiting the career center. When she does it is usually students asking directions of the floor or other professor’s office.

Adrian Chavez added that the current situation in the CIDC is a problem because there is not a director present. There are no visions and goals because there isn’t a leader. He stated when the director was present 3-4 students were visiting the center per day, but now it is rare to see students making appointments.

Jung Woo Lee continued her interview claiming that currently, the intention of the center is meaningless. In the past, career ambassadors were efficient because the director gave orders. Since there is no enforcement of what should be done, the career ambassadors are wasting their time doing nothing. She asserted that students stopped visiting the center because of the lack of sincerity the center provides after the director left.

On a contrary note, writing center assistant and a Sophomore in UAC, Won Bin Kim, commented that students are not visiting the career center because the students felt that the ex CIDC director is not professional and knowledgeable with internship information. Students believe visiting the CIDC is not helpful.

Atelaite Mapa, graduate student at UAC also a writing center assistant further pointed out that the CIDC is a great idea, but it is not heading to the right spot. It is lacking because students are not urgent in seeking for internship positions or improving their resume.

Atelaite Mapa also added that unlike the writing center where students have clear intentions and expectations from the assistants, at the CIDC, students are not sure what to learn. She further indicated that the writing center holds many staff members including professional mature working adults hired externally, on the contrary, CIDC only had one professional director.

Dr. McCrillis, Dean of Students, commented the school expects the CIDC to provide significant resources for students to achieve their career goals. For the success of UAC students, Dr. McCrillis said: “students should not only rely on the CIDC for job information, but that is the reason why the UAC needs a CIDC.”

Beyond on Dr. McCrillis’s claims, he also clarified hiring a new director to fill the vacancy of the director is the number one priority. Recently the school conducted open interviews for students to evaluate candidates for the new CIDC director. Also, for the success of the CIDC the school is planning to hire more professional directors next year.

University of Utah Asia Campus is one of the universities located in Incheon Global Campus along with Stony Brook University Korea, George Mason University Korea, and Ghent University Global campus. UAC was established in 2014 to provide students a University of Utah degree while studying in South Korea.

UAC established the CIDC on April 16, 2019. The first director of the CIDC was Dr. Jin Woo Park. Dr. Park served as the director from April 2019 to October 2019. While she was the director, she has accomplished many workshops and job fairs with her ten career ambassadors.

After the CIDC was established they have organized resume, job interview, and Handshake application workshops and International Organization MICE job fair, and IGC first annual job fair within six months.