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Yeadam Kim, Staff Writer

Junior, Psychology

Hello! I am Yeadam Kim, studying BS psychology at UAC. I am currently in my fifth semester, which makes me a junior! I have been taking a role as a staff journalist in Songdo Chronicle since last semester, and I am enjoying writing articles and hearing news from others! My biggest interest is in music and, nowadays, in how COVID 19 is affecting our lives. Writing an article is not only a new experience to me, but it is also an opportunity to expand my perspectives on lives around me. I am more than excited to share stories and hear a lot from other articles and news from our members and from the UAC community.


GyuHee Kim, Staff Writer

Sophomore, Communications

Hello, I am Gyu Hee Kim! I am a Sophomore and this is my fourth semester at UAC. As a Communication student, I like writing articles and delivering stories to people. Please leave comments if you have any opinions about my article!







Hongkyong Son, Staff Writer

Sophomore, Communications

Hi! My name is Hongkyong Son and I am a Sophomore communication major at UAC. I have experienced about writing the school article during my first and second year of high school. From this, I could have opportunity to become a reporter and journalist during my high school life. After I enter the UAC specially majoring in Communications, I am exploring my interest among various Communication department. Additionally, my hobby is watching K-pop or Korean entertainment video!





In Kim, Staff Writer

Sophomore, Communications

Hello! I am In Kim and I am a Sophomore at UAC. Currently, I am working in a position as a research assistant for political science. As you can see, I’m interested in political and social issues. To spread such important news to other people, I became interested in news-writing. So, I seek to practice my news-writing here at Songdo Chronicle and hope to report not only political issues but also entertaining news! I hope I can further communicate with the UAC and its students from this particular opportunity.





Insun Choi, Staff Writer

Sophomore, Psychology

Hello! This is Insun Choi who is a Sophomore at UAC. This is my third semester of studying Psychology. I never had an experience of writing the news before I took the news writing course at UAC. As this is my first time of being a journalist, I appreciate to be a member of Songdo Chronicle and publish what is happening at UAC. And I am excited and intending to have a wonderful experience 😊




Jihun Kim, Staff Writer

Sophomore, Psychology

Hello, this is Jihun Kim who used to be called Jessie, but I changed my English name to be called Pia (TMI) ☺ I am a journalist and a Sophomore at UAC. I major in BS Psychology. I have been journalist in Songdo Chronicle since last year. Generally, I enjoy writing essays, poems, and novels while writing articles is less accustomed to me, so I need your help! Any advice and comment would be glad for me to improve my articles!! I hope to meet all the members in Songdo Chronicle when hybrid class is available. See you then ☺ Take care!


Minjae Kim, Staff Writer

Sophomore, Communications

Hi! I’m Minjae Kim and this is my fourth semester at UAC. I have been working as a school journalist since middle school. And I am honored to work as a UAC journalist for the past year. I mainly write about social issues and school events. So if there’s anything going on at UAC, please don’t hesitate to tell me! I hope this pandemic wears off so that we can meet in person ASAP.