Bluetooth Mesh Network- the future of digital connectivity


By Yaeeun Hong

When talking about the network, people prefer to have the wireless rather than wired internet connection. First, its due to the price, and second, it is due to the convenience. Hence, people like to have the wireless Bluetooth.

The reason is that wireless is more convenient in usage compared to the wired connection; the wired internet connection makes it hard to swift locations and change its status freely. However, are Bluetooth connections all good? They have different types and different categories. Then, what is the best connection within Bluetooth?

The current Bluetooth has the limitation of 10m of communication distance when there is an obstacle. And the other communication network such as LoRa or LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) has a wider and broader communication network distance. However, they have very severe disadvantage, which is it costs too high.

In order to install those networks, it needs maintenance fee to pay every month for the network. Then what is the most affordable and most effective way to have secured and unlimited communication distance network? The answer for this is the mesh network. It has solved all the current existing communication distance problems that Bluetooth had. Then what is mesh network in the first place?

Mesh network is the technology that forms the network without connecting with the internet line, but it makes its own network itself. Hence, people choose mesh, instead of the others. In addition, with the use of Bluetooth mesh network, there is no limitations on the communication distance because it works as the gateway.

However, it is sad to say that there aren’t many companies that are using the Bluetooth mesh network. The reason is that, not many are aware of this efficient technology. When using mesh network, the users have to pay neither for the maintenance fee nor the installation fee because it is simple, portable and even convenient to use. Hence, in the future, in the forms of home products, there will be increasing rate of companies who will be using the Bluetooth mesh.