Breaking news: UAC Building on lockdown


University of Utah Asia Campus (UAC) in Songdo. UAC is one of four foreign universities on Incheon Global Campus in Korea. (Credit: UAC).

Utah Asia Campus building (119-3) on Incheon Global Campus in Songdo is in lockdown today and tomorrow (March 8-9) due to a member of the UAC community testing positive to COVID-19 on Saturday 6th March.

According to protocol, all lectures on Utah Asia Campus for Week 3 (March 8 through to March 12) have been moved to Interactive Video Classes (IVC).

All concerned individuals who are first contacts have been tracked and traced; were contacted Sunday (March 7th). This group will be tested today (Monday) and have been advised to self-isolate going forward.

According to UAC’s Chief Administrative Officer, Dr. Greg Hill, ” The (UAC) building will be locked down… for cleaning.” He further advised staffs, faculty and students not to come to the office or the building on Monday and Tuesday.

The University Authority is appealing for calm as it brings this situation under control.

If any member of the UAC community is feeling any symptoms, please feel free to get tested or call 1339- covdi-19 hotline to get more information.