Songdo Chronicle

2018 UAC forum: Low Birth Rates in Korea

Songdo Chronicle and UAC academic affairs team hosted the 2018 UAC forum. The topic was low birth rates in Korea. More than 50 people including faculties, students and staffs were coming and sharing their ideas. Panelists consisted of two groups: faculty body and student body. Clint Work professor from Politics and Science, Kera Lovell professor from History and Sejin Kim professor from Communication were represented the faculty body. Leehye Kang from Psychology, Aliana Choi from Film and Media Arts and Kenna Hensen from dual major in Communication and Psychology were represented the student body. Everyone actively participated in giving opinions and listening the other’s ideas. Moreover, everybody enjoyed the burritos that Songdo Chronicle served.

Songdo Chronicle is planning to consistently hold the forum every semester. Below pictures were the forum of today.

Photo by. Subin Hong