Trump calls to end Federal Diversity Training that includes “Critical Race Theory” and “White Privilege”


Diversity in pictures (Courtesy: Google Image)

Lucy Nam , Specialty Correspondent

President Trump (Courtesy: Google Image)

On Friday, September 4th, President Trump and the Executive Office of Management and Budget released a memorandum recommending the cessation of all government workplace diversity training that includes “white supremacy” and “critical race theory”.

The memorandum claims that such training “engenders division and resentment within the Federal workforce” and it is anti-American propaganda. President Trump has directed Federal agencies to stop using millions of taxpayers’ dollars to fund this diversity training and to identify and cancel all contracts.

This falls in line with Trump’s crusade against the cultural and racial disputes taking place across America. The memo makes claims that workers are subjected to training in which they are taught that “all white people contribute to racism” or forced to say that all white people “benefit from racism”.

However, these reports have not been substantiated and it is unknown as to exactly what federal workers are taught in diversity training as a whole. Yet as written in the memo, President Trump does not claim to want to end all diversity training, but instead end training that entails “critical race theory”, “white privilege”, or the beliefs that “the United States is an inherently racist or evil country or that any race or ethnicity is inherently racist or evil”.

President Trump believes that these views and teachings of “critical race theory” and “white privilege” are a cause of the large amounts of racial conflict taking place throughout America today.

Diversity training is an important thing in the workplace because everyone should feel comfortable and safe regardless of their race, and as there are racist people throughout America, it needs to be taught and enforced that racism is not acceptable in the workplace. This kind of training must exist especially within government jobs.

However, “critical race theory” is just one way of seeing and understanding what is going on in America and is by no means universally accepted as fact. “Critical race theory” denies the fact that any race, not just white people can be racist and attempts to change the definition of racism itself.

In most cases, it does present all white people as inherently evil and pre-labels individuals based solely on their race, thus removing the ability to have a true and meaningful discourse about racial issues in the United States.