Student Council Union Plans Protest Against IGC Housing Fee Change


Students are protesting in hopes to reform the system. In reaction to IGC’s housing fee increase, Student Council Union have proposed Protest/Boycott movement against applying for IGC dorms. Photo at courtesy of Yonhap news

Jieun Yang

Student Council Union members have come to an agreement that if 50%-75% of students agree to Protest/Boycott movement, members of Student Council will begin forcible acts to forbid students from staying in IGC Dorms.

IGC Housing announced increase in dormitory cost for Fall 2020 Semester. The housing fee for single dorm Fall Stay is 1,912,500 KRW, 318,500 KRW more expensive compared to previous semester. Double room cost has also increased by 266,000 KRW.

Emails sent by IGC Housing indicated, “Due to increase in operation cost, the housing fee will be reset to its original prices starting in the Fall 2020 semester.”

However, many students expressed unfairness of decision made by IGC Foundation, for they do not provide detailed explanation on which operational cost.

A student majoring in Psychology at the University of Utah Asia Campus said, “Personally, I think that is way too steep of an increase either way, but I am curious as to why they’re doing it.”

Executives of Student Council have arranged meeting with officials of IGC Foundation to discuss the issues of increasing Housing Fees and elucidation of how the fee is being used for the growth of IGC community.

If every executive member from Universities agree, a survey to gather student’s opinion about participating in the Protest/Boycott movement will be sent out each student in IGC community.

Student Council Union consists of four respective student body presidents from IGC Universities: State University of New York Korea, George Mason University Korea, University of Utah Asia Campus, Ghent University Global Campus.

During the past one year, IGC community has experienced increased number of incidents. Students have been showing concerns regarding incidents: 1-person protest in front of dormitory building against sexual harassment incident, and lack of proper management for COVID-19 situation.