“You” Movie review

You title-screen. Credit: Netflix

“You” title-screen. Credit: Netflix

Taesha Goodie

An intriguing new movie title: “You” adapted from Caroline Kepnes’ bestselling novel has become one of Netflix’s most profitable new thriller-dramas. Published in 2014, the story follows an average joe named, Joe. A quiet guy working at a bookstore in New York City, hoping to meet the girl of his dreams. Joe, however, has dark intentions, and his methods to falling in love are far from orthodox.

I both read the original book, as well as, watched the movie. The storyline was compelling, the characters complex in their thought-processes, and the cast of actors extremely talented. What attracted me the most to this ongoing series, however, was the question of morality that follows the majority of the story. Kepnes, as well as the directors of the series, seek to puzzle their audience by introducing an antagonist as imperfect as ‘Joe.’ A killer, hoping to rid the world of those he himself deems imperfect, protecting a woman he barely knows by erasing those who hope to harm her, and never feeling an ounce of remorse for the things he has done.

Joe’s complex thought process adds an entirely new dimension to the story, one that forces the audience to question what they themselves deem morally acceptable. Not only is the work of Kepnes and the producers of the show incredibly memorable but, unlike much of the content we consume today, it is reflective. I encourage all those hoping to better understand the conundrums that are the human mind to explore this series. Allow yourself to grapple with the conflicting emotions it brings out, and most of all: enjoy!