IGC Health Center Lacks Proficient Health Services for Students


IGC Health center’s entrance. In the notice says, “Fridays afternoon is closed day”. There is a First-Aid kit in front of the center’s entrance, which is for minor injuries. Photo by: Jieun Yang

Jieun Yang

SONGDO – Located at 3rd floor of Multi-Complex building of Incheon Global Campus, the IGC Health Center has noticed that the center is not on operation on Friday afternoon of November 29, 2019. Students who visited the Health Center due to medical symptoms were bewildered by the sudden notice.

Communications major student at the UAC (University of Utah Asia Campus) has expressed inconvenience caused by the center, “When I visited the health center due to muscle pain, it was closed. The first-aid kit did not have the medicine I needed.”

When the patient visited the health center, she was not able to receive treatment from a professional medical team. The nurse working at the center was out of work, and receptionist was one of undergraduate student from IGC campus, without formal medical training. Not a single employee working at the health center was able to provide pertinent treatment for sick student in need of medical help. Students are left with no choice but to visit doctor’s office that is off campus.

Besides the health center located in the campus, the closest doctor’s office from the school is at situated at Homeplus, which is about 15-minutes on walk away from the campus.

The distance of hospital from the campus has caused outcry from students of IGC, saying that “Because hospitals are so far away, I have to take public transportation such as bus that takes couple of stations. I have no choice but to skip classes for it. It takes couple of hours to get to the place and to complete treatment.”

When students were asked where the IGC Health Center is, only a few of them knew that healthcare center is within the campus. Posters to promote the center are not found anywhere neither there are programs that can promote the center. Junior student at the UAC has said that, “There are 5 universities, yet there is only one center. Students don’t know where it is. I wish there are programs to let students know that there is IGC Health Center.”

Health center should be able to provide satisfactory treatment for students from all IGC students. The Health Center can improve the service by installing more health centers that can cover all the students who need medical treatment from all 5 institutions of IGC, and by increasing in-office hours or establishing 24-hour emergency system.

Another suggestion is to implement programs or events that can let students to know 1. Where the health center is 2. What treatments are available at the center 3. How to use the first-aid kit.

The IGC health center was first established to encourage student success by creating healthy campus environment. Services provided from the center includes medical services, calling emergency on campus, sexual violence prevention on campus.

However, based on student’s experience, the services of health center are deeply flawed in that, service makes patients to seek another help when vising the center. In case of emergency caused by severe injury, the center would have to call medical emergency lines such as 119, Nasaret International Hospital, or Inha University Hospital.

The purpose of center is having not met the expectation of students’ needs. In order to prepare for emergency case in the future, there is a strong demand for IGC health center to modify services.