Rush to an Eco-Friendly Campus

Rush to an Eco-Friendly Campus

By Minjae Kim

The UAC is hosting an ongoing event where you can post a photo of yourself on Instagram with a drink tumbler and get a free Starbucks Giftcard. This event is held to promote the use of eco-friendly products and for students to enjoy themselves with a little treat.

This event, which started September 23 and runs until the end of the week, is hosted by the UAC’s Leadership Consultants. There are other events such as filling a tree with thumbmarks, a plastic bottle craft, and a recycle soccer game. Students who participated in more than three events can even get a Nanum Coupon by drawing lots.

Reusable water bottles have only a few advantages such as their convenience and reusability. According to research from Arcadia Power, we would save 1,460 plastic bottles and about $3,000 per year by using reusable water bottles.

Plastic bottles are not recommended since it would take more than a thousand years for them to degrade. Additionally, harmful chemicals that are inside the plastic bottles have a negative effect on the environment and even on our bodies. Although using disposable products will reduce your task of washing dishes, we should be concerned about the Earth and our health.

Not only is UAC taking part in this healthy event, recently, many restaurants have introduced a new regulation that all customers need to use reusable cups in thier stores. The importance of using reusable items is rising to the surface lately and we need to make an effort to help save the Earth.