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Good afternoon, welcome to MK Podcast. My name is Minkyung Choi. Today we are going to talk about Click baits. What are Click baits? They are content designed to attract as many online clicks as possible. Just about any type of content can be considered Click bait news stories, blog post, interviews info graphics, videos…


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Reasons to Choose Utah Asia Campus Thu, 07 Jun 2018 02:13:39 +0000 Writer: Mitch Shin

Choosing which university to go to is one of the most important decisions in life. I want to let you know how to make that important decision more straightforward. I am not merely writing a promotional article. I can only say that if you decide to go on to the University of Utah Asia Campus, you have made the most important decision in your life. Initially, the reporter learned to write articles for neutral and write articles based on objective facts. So I hope you know that my article as a journalist is not an article to promote the school. I want to help you make the right decision.

I am not asking you to go to this place because of the title of the university with the most extended history in the western US.

The University of Utah achieved the Top 100 in the World University Ranking for several years in a row, and I am not asking you to go to this place. You can become a history of this school. You can develop this school, and as a member of this school, you can study for your dreams. I will not persuade you to explain the situation that you do not see right now. I will let you know what will happen when you enter the University of Utah Asia campus.

The University of Utah Asia campus is located in Songdo, Incheon, but it is an American university. Of course, all members of the school use English. It is where students, faculty, and professors with various backgrounds live.

If you are an international student who is not a Korean, you may wonder what life is like in this place. I briefly and inevitably tell you that the school you wanted was the University of Utah Asia campus. You can live like a friend to faculty and professors and talk sincerely about your life. The education system is also excellent. There are a variety of positions for you in the school. By utilizing the advantage of being proficient in English, you can perform various roles as a school member. You may be given the opportunity to see what your leadership is like.

If you are an educated student in Korea and are now studying the University of Utah University Asia Campus to enter college, I would like to tell you to apply to this school before it is too late for you to apply. This school is an American university. It is composed of education and system different from Korean University. Unlike the Korean system, which is an environment where strict hierarchy is complicated to express opinions, all the events in the school are open to students. Therefore, every member of the school is working every day to build policies and systems for students.

A common concern among international and Korean students is the tuition fee. It is natural to doubt whether it is worth paying enough money to attend school. I also thought about it. However, there is a perfect system in the school that can resolve the doubts. It is a scholarship system. Every university has a scholarship system. However, the point is how many scholarships are offered. I tell you confidently. The University of Utah Asia campus has a variety of scholarship programs, including a scholarship system that allows you to work on campus, a scholarship system that can be concurrently approved, and a scholarship system that will enable you to submit essays and documents. I want to ask you. Do you not wish to be a student receiving a scholarship from an American university? Your worries disappear as you enter this school.

Another common concern is that the University of Utah Asia campus has a short history. I will summarize this concern in a word. Students at the University of Utah Asia campus receive American college education and graduate from the University of Utah. In other words, the diploma does not distinguish between the Salt Lake City campus and the Asia campus. Senior members cannot make your dreams come true. If you have any idea of prioritizing the reputation of the seniors without trying to achieve your grand vision, don’t try to enter here.

I also know that there are many negative assessments of the University of Utah Asia campus. However, I am confident. Students at the University of Utah Asia campus are never ordinary students. Students at the University of Utah Asia campus are now writing history. If you want to write your name on a page of history, stop worrying and enter this school.

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Forum on Fine Dust Thu, 07 Jun 2018 02:08:53 +0000 Writer: Mitch Shin

A forum on fine dust was held at the University of Utah Asia Campus (UAC) in U306 at 5:00 on May 31st, 2018. This forum was facilitated by Dong-Young Mok, Lacey Kim and Mitch Shin who took lectures in Human Ecology. The facilitators deemed it fit to organize this event in order to share their research findings on Fine Dust with fellow students, staff and faculties.

The forum was attended by Professor Kathrine Cagat (Anthropology), Professor Jatula Victor (Communication), and Professor Kim (Music) of the UAC. Many other UAC students were in attendance. Also in attendance was Professor Jason Morris (Global Affairs) from George Mason University Korea along with at least, 15 students of the same institution. Mitch, Lacey and Dong-Young focused on the causes and solutions of Fine Dust in South Korea. Participants at the forum had mixed reactions, especially on who is responsible for this social issue- China or Korea. One participant suggested that it would be hard for China to take responsibility for Fine Dust problems in Korea, arguing that it is a Korean problem that requires a Korean solution.

In preparation for this forum, the facilitators interviewed Dr. Jason Morris of George Mason University on the causes and solutions of micro dust I Korea. He explored the possibility of finding solutions through political and diplomatic approaches rather than an environmental approach. Professor Jason Morris mentioned domestic problems as the cause of Fine Dust and talked about people’s eating habits and behavior.

He commented on the case of meat that Koreans eat and suggested that fine dust may be generated due to the smoke that occurs when meat is baked. He also added that people need to improve their behavior and lifestyle in order to solve the problem. He suggested the habit of using public transportation rather than driving personal cars always. It was his opinion that some regulation by the Korean government would be needed to influence people’s behavior. He said further that Moon Jae-In’s administration needs to do more to address the situation. He also encouraged the Korean government to work-out some bilateral agreement with China on this issue.

Participants and facilitators of the forum agreed that Fine Dust can be solved by investing in long term projects. It was suggested that there should be political and economic co-operation between Korean and its neighbors on this issue. With negotiation and compromise, a solution is possible. Government should respect the lives of the people as much as possible and establish solutions, and the citizens should take the inconvenience and improve the behavior to solve the fine dust. The problem of fine dust cannot be solved if the people cannot fix the behavior of the people who generate fine dust by themselves. Korea cannot turn fine dust into Chinese responsibility forever. ‘Not in My backyard’. Everyone should have heard it once. You should not give yourself an indulgence to solve a fine dust problem.


Photo by: Mitch Shin, GMU Korea

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Do’s and Don’ts for Leave of Absence Tue, 22 May 2018 00:52:02 +0000 Writer: Yoo jeong Ko (SLC)

‘Leave of Absence’ is an interesting phrase. However, when closely examined, it may not seem as ideal as one would imagine. It can be a tedious and time-wasting choice that an individual may regret throughout a whole academic year. Before you conclude that a leave of absence is a foolish choice to make (perhaps, it is, without a constructive plan) hold on! The question therefore is: how can a student make the most of his or her time during a leave of absence?

University of Utah Asia Campus building

It has been two consecutive years just before my leave of absence at the University of Utah Asia Campus (UAC). While it was a great two years, I still decided to have some me-time nonetheless. Furthermore, I initially planned to go the Salt Lake City Campus (SLC) after finishing the first two years at the UAC, which made me even more desperate for some free time to freshen myself up before facing Utah. Two years at the UAC, resting for one semester, and then restarting at the SLC beginning in the summer. Time-wise, my decision to take time off was perfect.

Here is the first tip to consider; Timing. Appropriate timing is the very first aspect to consider when deciding for a leave of absence. An abrupt pause on the academic timeline may later hinder one from coming back to school even if he or she wants to. Ask these questions first. Will I be able to come back to school after just a semester off? Will there be appropriate courses available after coming back? If all the answers are not a confident yes, than reconsider on the decision to apply for the leave of absence.

After the long winter break, my friends went back to the university

TOEIC test sheet

and began their third year at the UAC. And I was left with plenty of free time. In fact, I could barely handle the excessive time. So to be honest, I do admit that I wasted most of my time on resting. Here comes the second tip; Construct a plan on what to do during the time-off. Work do not just pop up. Rather, one needs to actively search for things to do. Here are some suggestions: 1) Applying for an internship 2) Earning various certificates such as TOEIC and computer utilization 3) Developing other skills or hobbies. Resting well during the leave of absence is important, but instead of just getting a good rest, it would be much better and rewarding to achieve something.

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#2 Marvel Economics: Marvel as a movie brand name Mon, 21 May 2018 04:25:01 +0000 Marvel as a movie brand name

Writer: Alex An

People cheered when a man with an Ironman helmet began to run his rail. When he passed the final rail, he won the gold medal in Skeleton. After winning the gold medal, he spoke at the interview that someday he is looking forward to meet Robert Downey Jr. (Role Ironman). His name is Yoon Sung-Bin. (Republic of Korea) Ironman is a superhero character in Marvel Comics. But we’re talking about 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics here. So how did Mr. Yoon begin to put an Ironman helmet?

Free source image

In fact, the effect that Marvel Comics is giving to the public is enormous. Launching Iron Man 1 in 2008, it has been 10 years since Marvel has released 20~30 hero films. Some people might think hero films as boring because its ending can be easily predicted. In addition, releasing similar characters and putting dozens of heroes in one single movie might lead to a failure of coherence. Despite all worries, Marvel Comics has built its universe successfully more and more as the time goes by and received good comments by both public and critics.

Now, ‘Marvel as a movie brand name’. Actors and actresses become celebrities and their performance fee skyrocketed. Naturally, directors begin to invest billions of dollars into Marvel movies and in return, the movies begin to earn billions of dollars also including lots of foreign currencies. As a result, other subordinate companies soon realized that they will going to make lots of profits whatever they customized products with Marvel. Theaters began to release upgrade theaters like 3D, 4D, IMAX and put up a banner like ‘If you want to really feel Avengers, join IMAX’. Moreover, they began to sell popcorns and drinks as so to speak ‘Ironman Popcorn’, ‘Captain America Metal Cup’. Toy and cloth companies took the baton. They exactly know what to do. They targeted children and began to produce numerous amount of toy figures, legos, T-shirts, hoodies, bags, caps, shoes, umbrellas, frankly speaking anything that they can put a Marvel logo. Then electronic companies opened the climax. They began to target more wide range of people, specifically people who actually do the economic activities. From 20s to 40s, people started to buy things like phone cases, mobile games, USBs, second batteries, cables, car keys, and so on. If you go to a department store, you can even see a Ironman robotic vacuum cleaner or Black Panther air cleaner.

Free source image

Interestingly, people seem to see products just because they like ‘Marvel’. They don’t really care about the function or performance. As you can see, every item can be customized and can be competitive. Simply attaching famous movie logos can bring you a lot of money. (Of course in return, you have to pay big amount of royalty to Marvel Comics) But it is becoming a big, effective marketing strategy to a lot of companies no matter which products they are making. So now go back to Marvel Comics and scan through how did a single comic impacted the world economics. Someone can deny the power of Thanos, but nobody can deny the power of Marvel.  


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Unique holiday: Hong Kong Independence Day Mon, 21 May 2018 04:20:45 +0000 Unique holiday: Hong Kong Independence Day – July 1st

Writer: Anonymous

Everyone loves holidays. A holiday exists to celebrate an event or to remember an incident and it is interesting to know that there are many types of holidays around the world.

Free source image

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region in China that have declared independence on July 1st 1997 from hundred years of British colonialism, subsequently following law, societal and economic systems of its own based on various influences from UK, China and Japan in World War II. Hong Kong’s Independence Day is unique because, even after more than twenty years of declaration of independence, this holiday is controversial every year as different political groups clash – physically and online – on the significance of the holiday and express their political views on Hong Kong’s relation with China and United Kingdom.

Every year on Hong Kong Independence Day, pro democracy activists march on the streets demanding Beijing officials to stop infringing on freedom of Hong Kong as an independent region, and to deploy fully democratic voting procedure where local Hong Kong residents could choose whom to run as candidate instead of current procedure where Beijing provides pre-selected candidates for Hong Kong residents to choose from. Recently as Mainland China’s censorship power stretched across the border to Hong Kong, pro democracy activists have also joined hands with freedom activists to raise awareness about falling press freedom in Hong Kong.

As reunification of Hong Kong and China in 2047 looms across the horizon, the tensions have been rising, especially around the day of independence, and only time and politics would tell how long this holiday would actually last.

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Enough to Enjoy! Mon, 21 May 2018 04:16:11 +0000 Enough to Enjoy!

writer: Jenny Yoon


May: Enough to Enjoy!

Picture of Children’s day-Free source image

May is very busy month for students because of the exams, assignments, and projects. This month can be seen as the busiest period among the spring semester for the students. However, May also provides us exciting holiday.

If we ask anybody which holiday is come up in their mind in May, of course 8 out of 10 will say Children’s day. Did you know the date of Children’s day is different depends on the country, religion? Also, there are some countries where Children’s day is not a national holiday. South Korea and Japan’s children’s day is May 5th and it is annual holiday. Children’s day is the day that all the children or even 20s like. It is a day to celebrate the children. Parents usually give presents to their children or having a good time with them. They usually go to the zoos, museums, amusement park, or other various entertaining places that they can enjoy. This year, lots of events are held on the children’s day such as children’s story festival, War Memorial of Korea festival, Korean snack festival and more. On the day of children’s day, many movies are shown on TV for children such as animation. These kinds of entertainments are provided on May 5th in Korea and children are looking forward to this day every year.

Picture by Cheonji Journal

This year, on Children’s day, SeJong-Si held very big festival. The theme of the festival was ‘Tell me your wish’. There were lots of performance, hands-on experience events, food trucks, and other entertaining things were provided in that festival comparing with past Children’s day. Main programs were kid’s dance team, children Tae-kwon do, b-boy performance, character dance, puppet show, cheer leading, Disney OST performance and many more. One thing that was special in this festival was ‘2018 international children Marathon’. 2018 international children Marathon is held by NGO (Non-Government Organization), and it is intended to indirectly experiencing famine children and children with disease from poor countries by running 4km area of Sejong City lake park.

May is very tough and busy month for students not just for high school but university students, but there are lots of events on Children’s day. So, students can be consoled by enjoying Children’s day. So, don’t be so frustrated because of the exams, assignments and projects, enjoy the holiday and get rid of your stress!

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Show Your Team Spirit! 2018 UAC Field Day Mon, 21 May 2018 03:25:14 +0000 Show Your Team Spirit! 2018 UAC Field Day

Writer: Sophia Jeong

Taken by Sophia

The students from University of Utah Asia Campus (UAC) gathered at the gym in the multicomplex building to play soccer, capture the flag, dodgeball, and tug of war, with Communication major and Urban ecology major students competing against the Psychology major and Film major students on May 2nd, 2018.

Last Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018, about 40 students from the University of Utah Asia Campus gathered at the gym by 5:30pm for the opening ceremonies of the annual UAC Field Day. The students were divided into two teams by their major: Communication and Urban Ecology as a team and Psychology and Film as another team. After the major representatives accounted for fundamental rules for the day, the competition began by playing soccer. Volunteered students including both male and female students and both students in soccer shoes and jeans got together and played football with the half of the court. The game became more passionate as more male students and Dr. Victor Jatula, a professor at UAC, joined in the 2nd half game. Dr. Jatula played an active part as a goalkeeper and the game ended with the same score. The game was decided in the shootout, and everyone was able to end the soccer match joyfully.

Taken by Sophia

There was more tension after Capture the Flag began. The students used the full court and kept running away and catching each other. Heather Meyer and Nick Chun played an essential role during the game. Heather Meyer (20) did not spare herself physically at all in the game that she was the one who eventually caught the opposite team’s flag. Nick Chun (21) made the opponents feel confused by taking the attraction by continuously running around. Even though some students had a hard time to understand the rules of how Capture the Flag works in the beginning, but at the end, every player was satisfied by how delightful the game was.

The next step was a short dodgeball game. Relatively more female students joined the game. Two teams composed of each roughly 20 students played dodgeball with two balls fairly. Jack Park (19) played an essential role during the dodgeball game. He got out to the borderline of the opposite team almost right after the game started, but his remarkable activities seemed like he intentionally got hit by the ball to commence offensive tactics. The dodgeball game was comparatively short, but every player could enjoy the moments with a big smile.

2018 UAC Field Day started the see the end as UGoGirl, the female dance team of UAC had a performance. They had the same routine as IGC Sports Tournament, but except for one song in the beginning. Because it was their first time to perform in front of only University of Utah Asia Campus people, so they seemed like they were nervous, but they successfully finished the performance.

Taken by Sophia

After the tug of war, the UAC Field Day ended with a closing ceremony. People said that it was an excellent choice to hand out Subway sandwiches to the audience and the players. “Subway Sandwiches were great! We need food to play sports,” said Minjoo Lee (19), a student from Communication major. There were also some suggestions that the student council could have chosen the better date by having a survey among the students. The number of people who came to the UAC Field Day was relatively small than that of 2017 UAC Field Day. The event was exciting, the committee could not avoid some voice of concerns. UAC’s media club UBAQ was able to shoot every moment during the Field Day. Misung Choi (20) and Minjoo Lee (20) were running around to have best shots of the event. According to UBAQ, they are going to release the final mash-up video in two weeks.

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Who will lead the students? Mon, 21 May 2018 03:11:06 +0000 Who will lead the students?

writer: Mitch Shin

On May 3, the candidates ‘ speeches were held at Zion hall at 5 p.m. Each of the candidates spoke based on their major pledges, which took about an hour. The conference consisted of five stages and was hosted by Douglas and Bella Im. The main focus of the speech was awareness of the problems of each candidate regarding communication, and each candidate suggested measures to resolve insufficient communication between the student council and students.

The candidate for the student council president and vice president of the student association came to the polls as a team, and a total of three teams offered a challenge in the student council election. I met each of the candidates individually on May 4 and 9 for an interview. The interview, which took an average of 40 minutes, summed up three key questions as keywords for candidates.

1) lacking of past student council and solution

Jimmy Cho and Yunjung Shin: The last student council lacked communication with the students. We tried to communicate with students through SNS, but we think the gap between student association and students was wide. We will change the way student councils communicate. You can see posters related to school events in the school restrooms and elevators. Rather than using SNS more, we want to communicate in this way.

Alaina Choi and Leehye Kang: There was a lack of communication with students. Students ‘ lack of freedom of expression was due to their inability to secure confidentiality in their opinions. Therefore, we use SNS such as open KAKAO Talk to improve communication with students who lacked it.

Jeong Hyun Kim and Youngjoo Cho: Our team does think that that past student council had done a decent job, regarding their successful negotiation with the textbook fees the provision of the additional printer. However, we strongly believe that we can do better by providing additional improvements on top of their dedications.

2) Commitment

Jimmy Cho and Yunjung Shin:

There are four significant pledges. As the platform said, we will consult with the school to build facilities for students. For example, it will create locker rooms for students going to school and expand club rooms for clubs. Besides, we have mapped out specific plans for the convenience of students and have also prepared specific plans to achieve them.

Alaina Choi and Leehye Kang:

Major pledges are the ‘3C strategy.’ Our main commitment is a strategy comprised of Communication, connection, and connection.

We want to help students have a sustainable exchange with the community and other universities. So far, there have been many single-shot exchanges. Therefore, students could not communicate with other students or people. Also, there is a gap between Korean and foreign-educated students. We want to narrow this gap and create an environment where communication between students can be diverse. We also want to create off campus volunteer opportunities and better the facilities (such as more CCTVs and housing washing machines)

Jeong Hyun Kim and Youngjoo Cho:

  1. Designated printing center or IT Center

-we are going to investigate and adapt the effective models from other institutions.

-collect ideas from the students to determine the demands

  1. Assured Textbook buyback programs

-We will create formal proposal to persuade the Dean of Students to adapt this program. In fact, there are numerous universities currently running this program.

-Typical buyback programs in the US normally accept buyback even if the curriculum no longer exists.

  1. Provide more study environment options to suit the student’s preferences

-we are well aware that the study preferences differ from individuals.

-On top of study lounge (U-205), we are planning to transform the current student lounge to be more accommodating to the students who wish to study in a café style environment.

3) The reason for being elected

Poster of Jimmy’s team

Jimmy Cho and Yunjung Shin:

The reason why we should win this election is that we have a sense of urgency and passion. There is a passion for resolving the lack of communication in the student council. And we have the desire to accomplish the detailed plan for the convenience of students. We are not just saying that we will communicate and be good at it in an abstract way. There is a specific plan, and we are confident that it will be achieved. Compared to other candidates, we are not responsible for the lack of communication in the last student council, and we are better prepared.

Poster of Alaina’s team

Alaina Choi and Leehye Kang:

The reason why we should win this election is that we have experience working as a student council member. We know specifically what to do as president of the student council and vice president of the student council. That’s because we’ve been working on it as a member of the student council. Therefore, we are confident that we can constantly communicate with students. Finally, if we are elected, we have more authority to play than we have ever done. We want to create a student council for students through this authority.

Poster of Jeonghyun’s team

Jeong Hyun Kim and Youngjoo Cho:

We believe we will be a great addition to student council diversity. Currently, we have multiple social roles. I am a 34-year-old (U.S. age counting method, born in 1983) full-time student, husband, father and these diverse roles force me to process the mature perspective views and always be meticulous about the decisions (Jeong Hyun Kim). We want voters to the knowledge that our experiences are not strictly limited to academic environments. During my gap years, we acquired numerous life experience in a non-academic situation which we believe these characteristics can be advantageous to providing wiser representation. We plan to serve the term with the professional attitude that will reward the UAC with the obtrusive improvements. On top of that, we are passionate about our vision to provide the pleasant educational atmosphere and ready to strive myself to be a better contributing member of the student body.  

The turnout in the last election was lower than 60 percent, attention is focusing on how much the turnout will be recorded. The voting results will be made public through Facebook and school e-mails. Students have to vote several times because of the runoff system. If a candidate with the highest number of votes in the first election did not exceed the majority, he or she must start the second election. In other words, if a candidate with the highest voter turnout does not get more than 50 percent of the vote, the election will be split as a result of the second election vote.

Who will lead the new student council for a year? Attention is focusing on the outcome of the poll.

* Presentations can be viewed on the school Facebook site and their platforms can be viewed through e-mails from Douglas.

09th, May 2018                      Mitch Shin

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UEFA Champions League Final Preview Mon, 21 May 2018 02:58:40 +0000 UEFA Champions League Final Preview

writer: Joshua Na


The Champions League final match – the biggest and most important event of the European soccer calendar – will be held on May 27th at 3:45 AM in Kiev. The approaching game, featuring Real Madrid CF and Liverpool FC, has aroused tension and excitement among fans of both teams. In order to predict the results of the thrilling match, this article will discuss the key points, the predicted lineup, and the expected score of the final game.

Logo of Real Madrid CF and Liverpool FC

There are several key points to look out for in the match. The first key point is a clash between the two class forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah. At the beginning of the season, Ronaldo experienced an extreme slump, scoring only four goals out of 12 games. However, the Portuguese international gradually gained back his form over time and has recently shown sensational performances. He has currently scored 15 goals and made three assists in UCL, resulting in a total of 43 goals and eight assists in all competitions. In comparison to Ronaldos significant reversal, Salah has maintained his phenomenal form throughout the season. Salah netted 31 goals and made nine assists in the league, in addition to ten goals and four assists in UCL. As both players are in their best condition, their performances can tremendously influence the outcome of the game.

The second match point is the instability of Liverpools defenders: Dejan Lovren and Trent Alexander-Arnold. Lovren has been continuously chastised by numerous soccer experts and Liverpool fans for his unsteady defense skills. While Arnold – the 19-year-old British right back – has developed massively this season, he has frequently shown lack of experience in big games. Liverpools shaky defense leaves the team vulnerable to attacks and goals from Ronaldo.  

Predicted Score: Real Madrid 2 (LOSE): Liverpool 3 (WIN)

Madrid, owning 12 titles and recently winning two consecutive Champions Leagues, is undoubtedly one of the strongest teams in UCL. Thus, it is aiming for a third consecutive victory in Europes most prestigious soccer tournament. In terms of its squad, Madrid is superior to Liverpool due to its many world-class players. However, Liverpool is well-coordinated under the lead of its manager, Jurgen Klopp. Liverpools attack trio – Mane, Firmino, and Salah – are also as strong as that of Madrids. A miracle can certainly occur like it did in the 2005 match in Istanbul, provided that defense players show a solid performance. Moreover, as the final is a single round match and Jurgen Klopp has proven to be strong against Real Madrid, Liverpool may seize its sixth UCL trophy.

Seung-Hui Huh, a Madrid fan at Imperial College London, anticipated that although Real Madrid is objectively stronger than Liverpool, Liverpools tactics are so suited for single round matches that Real Madrid can not guarantee an easy win in the Champions League final. The match will depend on how quickly Real Madrid can adapt to Liverpools tactics. Liverpool tends to overwhelm opponents in the beginning but loosen up towards the end of the matches. As long as Real Madrid defends Liverpools attacks in the beginning, it has a higher chance of winning the trophy.

Stuart Read, an ardent Liverpool fan in Praha, predicted the victory of Liverpool. First, our front three players possess a quick pace. Reals defense is slow. Secondly, we have the best fans in the world. Just like it did in Istanbul, the match will feel like a home game. Thirdly, Klopps Dortmund side thrashed Real in 2013. He knows how to beat them. Fourthly, Real is too arrogant. They may regret wearing their number 13 t-shirts after their semi-final with Bayern. They are disrespectful. Lastly, luck. Klopp says you need it. Liverpool has had it so far. Our name is on the cup!

As both teams are eager to lift the UCL trophy once again, it is worth to watch the nerve-wracking conflict between fans of Real Madrid CF and Liverpool FC. Regardless of the final results, the match between the top European teams will be awe-inspiring. Do not miss the game on May 27th at midnight.

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