Are You Throwing Away Trash Correctly?


After lunch, the cleaners in charge of cleaning the school have a sigh. It is their main job to clear up the bins that are not properly separated. But there is a more significant pain they suffer. It is the process of treating plastic bottles containing coffee.

Students usually bring coffee or drinks to class. Through ‘Nanum cafe ‘ on IGC Campus, students go to school with their favorite coffee or drinks. Just as office workers feel a cup of coffee on their way to work, students feel it briefly through coffee or drinks to focus on assignments and classes. It may be too much of an interpretation for students to describe drinking coffee as a fad, but after meals or before class, students who buy coffee or drinks have become like a living pattern.

Where will their coffee go? The coffee and drinks they drank will go into the trash can. However, what is important here is how to get into a trash can. Recently, I met and talked to two school cleaners at the University of Utah who is in charge of cleaning. One school cleaner said “Students have a lot of difficulties in the process of disposing of plastic bottles because they do not drink coffee or beverages properly. Also, there are difficulties in allowing students to throw away their trash without proper segregation.” When I recently asked them that if there were any difficulties while cleaning, she answered the question as if she had been waiting. Another school cleaner said ” students use toilet tissue too much. It can make difficult to maintain a pleasant environment in the bathroom. This problem is more common in women’s toilets than in men’s toilets.”

School cleaners who clean up schools on IGC Campus work in rotation. After a certain period, they have to clean up at another school. These two people are starting a cleaning job at the University of Utah recently. The responsibility for maintaining a pleasant environment at school is by no means only for the environmentalists. Students should not consider the pleasant environment in the school as their right. Everyone should feel the same responsibility to create a pleasant environment.

Written by Mitch Shin

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