2018 Student Council Election Results

Candidates Jung-Hyun Kim and Young-Joo Cho were elected presidency members of the University of Utah student council.

As a result of the vote from 8th to 10th, candidates Jung-Hyun Kim and Young-Joo Cho won 55.81% and won the first election.

Candidates Jimmy Cho and Yunjung Shin ranked second with 23.26%, and Alaina Choi and Leehye Kang were third with 20.93%.

A total of 86 students participated in the ballot, and 30.28% of the total students participated. There is no doubt that the elected candidate in the election with a turnout of less than 50% can represent the whole student. Even in the last election, they recorded roughly 60% of the turnout, which caused a worrying voice about the poor turnout of the students. In this election, voter turnout is much lower than that, and students’ voting consciousness and participation will be controversial.

Of the 86 students who participated in the vote, 37 were from the Communication Department, 28 from the Psychology Department, and 18 from the Film & Media Arts Department. And only three were Urban Ecology departments. It is important to note that only 3 out of the Urban Ecology students have participated in the vote. It is shocking to say that only three people vote in elections for student council members.

The president of the student council and the vice president of the student council were appointed. But the student council cabinet has not been decided yet. Students who wish to become Chief of Staff, Events of Director, Finance Director, Public Relations Director and Sports Director will be able to apply through Orgsync until the 16th.

In March, the first graduation ceremony was held at the University of Utah Asian Campus. I hope that the President of the Student Council and the Vice – President of the Student Council will successfully lead the University of Utah University Asian Campus, which has started a significant year.

Written by Mitch Shin

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